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Machines are supposed to make life easier, to give us more leisure time. But leisure time just ain’t no fun when you’ve got no money to spend. What can you do? You can cry and mope and whine about turning back the hands of time to before your mechanical replacement was invented, or you can accept the new reality and retool. Tony Verderosa is a perfect example of the latter, a drummer who plays drum ‘n’ bass, jungle, and techno. His expanded acoustic kit includes both electronic drums and trigger pads for samplers, and his percussive version of Frippertronics has gained him prestigious work with Coldcut, Sinead O’Connor, and Thomas Dolby. This evening, Verderosa demonstrates his composition and live performance techniques in a seminar for budding junglists at 7 p.m. at Mars, 6398 Springfield Plaza, Springfield. Free. (703) 569-8588. (Mark W. Sullivan)