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As a regular customer (usually daily) of the Corcoran Street Safeway, occasionally referred to as the “Soviet Safeway,” I was really taken aback at the strident tone and inaccurate statements of the “Gulag Safeway” piece (City Desk, 7/23). First of all, “Gulag Safeway”? Give me a break. “Steady stream of resentful customers”? Give me another break.

Maybe the writers of the article need to go to a real gulag. That would put things in perspective. There is nothing gulag about the Corcoran Street Safeway. Nor have I ever seen a “steady stream of resentful customers.” That is such an off-the-wall remark. To the contrary, I have seen a steady stream of customers who have been treated by staffers who are exceedingly helpful and courteous.

Such straying from reality is an apparent lack of professionalism.

Dupont Circle