Sandboxed Out Last spring, David Hudgens, who runs a Nashville, Tenn.-based construction company and private charitable foundation, offered to fix up Garrison Elementary School’s playground and field for free. He paid to re-pave the lot, plant trees, and bring in new playground equipment—work that cost about $500,000, estimates Hudgens Foundation Director Steve Gresham. Hudgens also volunteered to re-seed the pockmarked field before school starts this September. But Hudgens’ blessings may be undermined, ironically, by a local house of the Lord. D.C. Public Schools (DCPS) leases the field for $5,000 to the nearby Metropolitan Baptist Church for Sunday and event parking (“Sunday School,” 10/16/98). Garrison parents have pleaded for an end to the agreement, arguing that automobile traffic would spoil the renovations. Despite the protests, schools higher-ups may extend the lease into next school year. DCPS officials say a decision hasn’t been made, but acknowledge that they have received an application from the church and will consider renewal later this month. “How does DCPS expect to gain the trust of neighbors and parents…if it’s so hostile to neighborhood improvement efforts?” asks parent Susan Ousley.