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Instead of “Summer on the Run” (8/13), the title of the Aug. 13 District Line article should have been “White Wins.” White men have historically had the sanction of the law to take black women’s children. So it was no surprise that the author of the article chose to ignore that age-old story and instead paint Kendall Shaffer Smith III as a victim unaided by the system. How is it that a man who (1) admittedly beat his wife and threatened rape and (2) cultivated such a poor relationship with his son that the child had to be threatened with violence and dragged kicking and screaming to visitation could even be considered for full custody? The real story is how the system failed yet another victim of domestic violence—only this time the woman fought back instead of giving up or winding up in the morgue.

It seems that little has changed. White men can still beat black women and attempt to take their children, with the support of the police, the courts, the city council, and the Washington City Paper. As always, white wins.

Brightwood Park

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