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Just picked up your issue with “Feasting on Homelessness” by Larry Heelen (8/27). There are plenty of gaps in Mr. Heelen’s screed, including how he came to be homeless. But while we don’t know much about his particular circumstances, it seems clear that he is relatively able-bodied, clear of mind, well-read, and well-spoken.

So what was the point of this article? That it’s possible to live a relatively comfortable life in the capital of the free world as a smug, freeloading bum who contributes nothing while living more than adequately and staying “pretty well-fed”—off the good will of others?

I am all for helping homeless people who cannot help themselves because they are mentally disabled or suffer from alcoholism or some other physical malady, and I make sizable charitable donations with them in mind.

Unfortunately, too many people in this city have hardened their hearts against the homeless who sleep on heating grates within spitting distance of the White House because of the Larry Heelens. To judge by what he chooses to reveal in his article, he seems willing to embrace that life for no reason other than that it’s easier than going to work, earning a living, paying bills, and putting up with all the other bullshit that goes along with being a productive member of society.

How sad. But how very D.C.

Alexandria, Va.