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You the Man Last Friday, James Blocker appeared before Judge Rafael Diaz in D.C. Superior Court’s Landlord Tenant Court. As usual, Blocker and dozens of other clueless tenants stuttered their way through the morning proceedings, pleading for compassion in all the wrong ways. Unlike many of their landlords, the vast majority of tenants do not have lawyers. And it shows.

Judge: How long do you need [to pay the rent]?

Blocker: Two weeks, man.

Judge: What?

Blocker: Two weeks.

Judge: Did you call me “man”?

Blocker: I’m sorry, Your Honor.

Judge: Don’t call me “man.” This isn’t the street.

Sure enough, less than a minute later, Blocker calls the judge “man” again.

Judge: You call me “man” once again and I’m going to take this hearing in a different direction. Let me tell you how you address a judge or any other judicial officer. You refer to me with respect, just like you’d refer to a police officer….You refer to me as “man” one more time, and I am going to take that to mean you’re intentionally being disrespectful of me, and I’m going to hold you in contempt. And if I hold you in contempt, you will not leave the courthouse today. That’s for sure.

Blocker left court without further incident.