I read the article on the African-American Civil War Memorial by Laura Lang (“Forgotten Again, 9/3) with interest, curious about the sculptor of the memorial. Name after name came up, but never the most important: the identification of the artist. It’s a beautiful piece, reminiscent of Saint-Gaudens. Is this an old work, or one done by a living artist? Maybe this is information your readers are expected to know without being told, but, I have to admit, I don’t. Who created The Spirit of Freedom?

Kris Swanson

Lincoln Park

Editor’s Note: The artist is Ed Hamilton of Louisville, Ky.

Straight Shooter

Finally, after I thought I could never see any more stupidity from our highly paid city officials (scams, school board fiascoes, political payoffs, et al.) comes the gun buyback (“The Firing Squad,” 9/3; “Fish in a Gun Barrel,” 9/3). Not even Tom Sherwood or any other respectable journalist would ask the question “If the District of Columbia has the most restrictive gun laws in the world, why is the city of Washington, D.C., having a gun buyback?” Ergo, if it’s illegal to possess a firearm in the city (ask that Washington Post columnist who was arrested), then how can city residents wait in line at the precinct house with firearms to sell back to the city? Hello, there’s something logically, inherently flawed here.

Thomas Circle