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Kudos to David Carr and Paper Trail (“Fish in a Gun Barrel,” 9/3) regarding the wasteful gun buyback the District is so proud of. As a federal officer, I find it easy to see that few, if any, of these firearms are likely to be used in crimes. Even a spokesperson for Handgun Control Inc. was quoted regarding the effort’s lack of usefulness—one of the few honest assessments from HCI.

Looking at many of the firearms turned in, it was apparent that some held considerable collector’s value. The owners would have done far better to go to a licensed gun store in Maryland or Virginia and sell them at a much higher price. They would more than likely end up locked up in a collector’s safe. All legal, everyone profiting.

I also think it quite possible that some of these desirable pieces that $100 was paid for, instead of being destroyed, will end up in someone’s personal collection, after the destruct papers are duly signed and validated. It’s happened elsewhere; a small number of officers involved in the program are already putting their dibs on certain pieces.

Another District boondoggle, all for political correctness, with no effect on the streets. Why am I not surprised?

Gaithersburg, Md.