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Dialogue from a six-year courtship: “Is it working yet?” “Would you give me a minute, please? The music just started.” “C’mon, baby, this is Barry White. He’s musical Spanish fly.” “You’re an idiot: There’s no such thing as Spanish fly.” “Not in this relationship, there’s not.” “What’s that supposed to mean?” “Can we just listen to the music? This is Barry’s comeback album. It’s called Staying Power.” “That’s funny: You writing about staying power.” “Ha ha ha. If you want a teenager, I can dump your ass off at the nearest high school.” “Oh, poor sweetie: I thought you wanted to listen to the music.” “Not when you’re insulting my sexual prowess, I don’t.” “Ooh, I like this song.” “Really? OK, that’s more like it. This is ‘The Longer We Make Love,’ a duet with Chaka Khan. Pretty sexy, huh?” “Very sexy, makes we wanna—oh no, are you wearing cologne? You never wear cologne.” “I didn’t have time for a shower.” “That’s disgusting.” “What? Where are you going?” “I’m gonna watch TV.” “You do that, and I’m gonna put on Dylan.” “You do that, and you won’t get any for weeks.” “But Barry’s not working, dammit!” “Oh, he’s working just fine.” “Really?” “Yeah, now I really want to have sex with Barry White.” “Well, at least one of us would be getting some.” “And that’s why I love you: You’re so understanding.” White (pictured) plays with Earth Wind & Fire at 7 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 12, at the MCI Center, 601 F St. NW. $35-$45. (202) 628-3200. (Sean Daly)