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Ken Starr could have saved a lot of time had he just looked to his namesake asteroid (No. 4150, among astronomers) for answers. Had he presented the evidence of the conjunction of asteroids at the time of Clinton’s birth, his case would have been watertight: When Bill was born, the asteroids named Monica, Paula, and Williams (OK, it’s not exactly the same as “William”) were in close proximity in his astrological chart. Opposite these was the asteroid Hillary. And when the Starr report was released, the asteroids Monica and Paula were again aligned, much as they were at Clinton’s birth—and Williams and Hillary were now very close together. This is only one instance of astronomical weirdness pointed out by asteroid-obsessed astrologers—others involve John Wayne Bobbitt, Princess Di, and Peter, Paul and Mary. Find out more at astrologer Bill Benton’s lecture “Asteroids: There’s More Out There Than Just Planets and Stars,” hosted by the Astrological Association of Northern Virginia at 8 p.m. at the Vienna Community Center, 120 Cherry St. SE, Vienna. $25. (703) 242-9857. (Liz Eckstein)