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If you can’t get enough of Mount Everest or dead Kennedys, check out Jim Whittaker’s A Life on the Edge: Memoirs of Everest and Beyond. Whittaker was the first American to summit Everest, helped Bobby Kennedy become the first person to climb the Canadian mountain named for his brother, and led the first American expedition to summit K2, the world’s second-highest peak. In between those hikes, he went from being sporting goods retailer REI’s only full-time employee to becoming its president and CEO. Whittaker writes from a time before Everest became a tourist attraction: “The only liquid I’d had since Camp VI was the icicle that kept forming on the oxygen mask from my exhaled breath—periodically, I broke it off and slipped the ice behind the mask to my mouth. I was drinking my own breath.” He shows slides from his climbs and discusses A Life on the Edge at 7 p.m. at the Wilderness Society’s Adams Gallery, 900 17th St. NW, second floor. Free. (202) 466-2152. (Janet Hopf)