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Remember the Maine? Of course not. Nobody does. (The rest of the slogan was “to hell with Spain.”) The sinking of the American ship in Havana Harbor was the straw that broke the will of Congress to stay out of the Cuban revolution. An earlier straw might have been the beautiful teenage revolutionary who testified to President McKinley about the insurgence, Evangelina Cisneros. Film producer Amy Ephron (A Little Princess) weaves her novel White Rose: Una Rosa Blanca out of the histories of the real Cisneros and Karl Decker, the reporter William Randolph Hearst sent to Cuba to bust her out of jail. In the golden age of yellow journalism, Hearst’s Journal whipped their story into a cause celebre for New York society, which ultimately got what it wanted—war with Spain. Toss back a couple of Cuba libres, then go hear Ephron read from White Rose at 7:30 p.m. at Borders, 5871 Crossroads Center Way, Baileys Crossroads. Free. (703) 998-0404. (Janet Hopf)