Your articles on the relationship between Washington and Baltimore (“Romancing the Crab,” 9/10) did not mention a major cause of friction in that relationship—namely, money. While Baltimoreans protest that they do not need us, Baltimore’s city government depends heavily on wealth redistributed from Washington’s Maryland suburbs, primarily Montgomery County.

For decades, the Maryland General Assembly has returned to Montgomery County only a small portion of the money that county taxpayers have sent to Annapolis, typically around 60 cents on the dollar. Meanwhile, Baltimore City has typically received more like $1.50 on the dollar. In short, Montgomery Countians pay some of the highest taxes in America to fund a lavish government not in their own community but in Baltimore City.

Baltimore politicians periodically sue the state to get even more money. They expect the courts to believe that somehow, Maryland still favors Montgomery County and shortchanges Baltimore City. Perhaps they do not believe that Montgomery Countians should get any of their tax money back.

Alexandria, Va.