Minivan Marauders D.C. drivers having trouble getting their minivans past inspection knew whom to call: Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, father of triplets and fellow minivan driver. This past spring, Evans’ office fielded a fistful of complaints from residents who said that their Virginia-purchased minivans had a darker shade of window tint than District vehicles and were therefore failing inspections. Evans responded with the Motor Vehicle Tinted Window Amendment Act of 1999, sweeping legislation that would alter existing anti-tinting laws and allow for darker windows in “any 7-passenger vehicle which is not a sedan, station wagon, pick-up, or jeep-type vehicle, having a wheelbase over 114 inches.” Evans spokesperson John Ralls says the bill comes from the ward’s “soccer mom community” and adds that while the original law was intended to curb illegal activity behind darkened car windows, minivan drivers aren’t generally the criminal type. “You’re not going to see a Dodge Caravan driving around the mean streets of D.C.,” says Ralls.