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My mother recently shared an article with me about the Backstreet Boys. The article, written by Arion Berger, titled “What Screams Are Made Of” (9/24), really upset me. Not only are the Backstreet Boys great, they have broken many records; they are one of the most successful acts ever.

I have followed the Backstreet Boys’ careers since they started. The Backstreet Boys have been through so many tragedies. They are not some group just thrown together. They assembled themselves up. Arion Berger doesn’t know how hard the Backstreet Boys have fought. Brian Littrell almost died from a terrible blood disorder and heart disease. Brian Littrell is one of the strongest people.To have gone from a 0 percent chance of living (which at one point he was) to doing what Arion Berger considers a hokey performance…Brian is now able to sing and dance.

Howie Dorough has tragedy in his life, as well. One of his sisters, Caroline, passed away from lupus. He has overcome it—he can go on as a happy person, even though he will always miss his sister.

Their producer, whom all of them loved very much, also passed away, due to cancer. The Backstreet Boys miss him very much. Their song “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely” at their D.C. performance was dedicated to him.

I think the comment about Nick Carter’s being overweight was totally tasteless. Nick is perfect—he is the picture of a normal human. I feel bad for Arion Berger. I hope that someone makes a comment about her that really hurts her feelings. Nick is always in the public eye. Thanks to narrow-minded people like Arion Berger, Nick feels that it’s all about his looks. But it’s not—it’s about their music and personality.

So before any people such as Arion Berger want to say hurtful things about another person, think about it.

Gaithersburg, Md.