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I know the Washington City Paper likes to push the envelope, and most of the time I enjoy the results. But the story by the abused, drug-addicted sex fiend (Real Stories, “Meet John Doe,” 9/24) went too far. I understand the value of allowing “regular people” a chance to tell their stories—the idea behind the pieces printed over the past few weeks is that readers will get a new perspective on life in D.C. However, I believe that most people would agree the john’s piece didn’t give a perspective worth hearing. Rather, it was a rant from a disaffected spoiled brat who smokes crack because he’s impotent, a guy who seriously believes that legalization of prostitution will reduce the incidence of rape. With ideas like this, you can tell he’s the son of a congressman. We’d be better off without such genius….Certainly, we don’t need to print his opinions.

Chevy Chase, Md.