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Your stalkee’s story (“My So-Called Stalker,” 10/8) was very similar to mine, at least as far as not being able to get the Metropolitan Police Department to do anything. In my case, I was able to tell them, several hours in advance, exactly where, when, and how a crime would take place, but they weren’t interested. I even offered to bring them doughnuts while they waited. In the end, I staked out my own house, witnessed the crime, and followed the perps until we happened to pass a uniformed Secret Service car.

They were very interested, as were the FBI and the District Attorney’s office, and three felony convictions resulted. That’s when I learned that you can call the uniformed Secret Service. (The number is on the side of their patrol cars.) Unlike the MPD, they will come, and they will get the bad guys for you. As for the MPD, there seem to be a few outstanding officers there, but you have to wonder: What do the rest of them do all day?

Dupont Circle