I just want to let everyone know: I’m the boyfriend of “Theresa”‘s older sister, “Kitty.” This story I found very chilling; I only came into the story during the very end, so there was a lot that I missed. However, this story barely scratches the surface of what Theresa has gone through over the past several years. To the D.C. police: “Wise the fuck up!!” To Theresa and her sister (both of whom I care for dearly), as well as Theresa’s best friend: Kudos to the three of you!! You are all very lucky to have each other—most definitely the three strongest women I’ve ever encountered in my life. I’ll continue to be here for you guys as long as you’ll have me. Give us “Ron”! Theresa, you’re a very special person, and there are lots of us who really admire you for your courage in writing this article. Few people could have done this. You fuckin’ rule!

Alexandria, Va.