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And to Phillip Ross, the individual who wrote the letter (The Mail, 10/8) concerning “Meet John Doe” (Real Stories, 9/24): You seemed not to like the story. Well, I tell you, I really enjoyed it. If you don’t like something, skip over it and move on. I hate to misquote someone, but if it’s wrong, it’s at least close enough to make the point:

“Those of a particular circle in which one walks, tend to mistake their views for the views of the populace.” —Alexander Hamilton

But you know, to take my own advice, instead of writing I could skip over Ross’ letter and move on. He’s entitled to his opinions, just like everyone else.

So let’s all express our views and put them in the Washington City Paper. Hey, what an idea! It’s a big world, with a lot of people with a lot of different views. Let’s share.

Promote freedom of thought!

Arlington, Va.