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Today, the National Capital Area Skeptics will present “Ghostbusting 101,” a workshop that focuses on how scientists explore life after death. Part of the program will supposedly touch upon “high tech communications with the hereafter: ghost photos, ghost detectors, electronic-voice phenomena, and phone calls from the dead.” The fact that my sexagenarian mother still thinks I’m hovering over the phone laughing at her whenever she leaves a voice-mail message leads me to believe that her grasp of the technology will not improve after she passes. Nevertheless, if such supernatural communication is possible, it opens up a plethora of interesting questions. If a dead person calls you from heaven, what kind of long distance rates does she get? If the call is from hell, what will your caller ID read? Can you star-69? Do disembodied spirits carry pagers? Learn the secrets of the 666 area code at 9 a.m. at the Best Western, Leesburg-Dulles, 726 East Market St., Leesburg. $30. (703) 777-9400. (Neil Drumming)