Following the Stalker On Monday, Todd A. Witte—otherwise known as “Ron” in a Washington City Paper cover story (“My So-Called Stalker,” 10/8)—waived his right to a preliminary hearing in D.C. Superior Court. Witte is charged with felony threats after allegedly stalking the story’s author for the last four years. Witte and attorney Tom Talbott appeared before Hearing Commissioner Jerry Byrd but agreed to forgo the hearing because of the amount of evidence already gathered against Witte, says U.S. Attorney’s Office spokesperson Channing Phillips. According to Phillips, Byrd ordered a forensic screening of Witte to assess his competence. On Tuesday, the court found that Witte is mentally fit to stand trial. Talbott would not comment on the case. But according to Dr. Jeffrey Witte, Todd Witte’s father, his son has been diagnosed with a schizoid personality and is currently taking anti-psychotic medication. A grand jury will review the evidence over the next few weeks to determine whether Witte should be indicted on the charges, says Phillips. “Right now we’re on track for a trial,” he says.