Job Close-Out On Oct. 11, Ward 5 Councilmember Vincent Orange faxed an announcement for his first annual Job Fair, which will take place at Phelps Career Senior High next week. The attractive flier included graphics of job seekers saying things like “Here’s my big chance; They’re looking for me!!!” Orange’s list of participants included one interesting choice: Hechinger, which announced on Sept. 10 that it would be going out of business and cutting 1,700 Washington-area residents loose from their jobs. “What happened was, when we printed that flier out, Hechinger was still in business,” explains job fair coordinator Donna Dowdy. “And we already distributed the fliers to people before the announcement.”

Pledge Week Never afraid to codify everyday behavior with a vow and a press release, D.C. Mayor Anthony A. Williams issued the following advisory this week: “Washington’s Business Leaders Take Oath to Advise the City on Jobs and Training Issues.” What’s next? “District Clergy Swear to Advise Citizens on Spirituality?” “D.C. Hot-Dog Vendors Promise to Provide Frankfurters?”