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In response to the letter written by James K. West (The Mail, 10/15), which in turn is a response to the “My So-Called Stalker” (10/8) article. I take issue with all his points (the follow-up stories not only in the Washington City Paper but also the Washington Post leave his assertions high and dry), but I am writing because his final point saddens me deeply.

Mr. West, you accuse “Theresa” of “male-bashing.” You are wrong. You have made an unfair generalization. Theresa does vent frustration at the legal system. She does vent rage at “Ron.” However, the only way you can interpret this as male-bashing is if you see Ron as a symbol for all males. He is not, and he is not meant to be. I sincerely hope that you do not see any of Ron in yourself. It is this kind of misinterpretation that keeps animosity between the sexes alive and well.

Chevy Chase, Md.