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Where did Ida go? That seems to have been the question on many a sensitive-indie-folk-lover’s lips for the past year or so. Promises of a forthcoming Capitol-released full-length from the New York City-based quartet have proved to be hollow so far. But just when everyone had nearly abandoned hope, the band resurfaced for a few dates that are serving as a very belated tour in support of last year’s Losing True EP. The EP, intended as a casual break from working on the Capitol album (which is finally finished and expected to see daylight next year), is a modest, delicate record that avoids the pretension it could so easily have exuded. (After all, it’s not easy to create music this sincere and precious and not think you’re doing something “really heavy.”) Anyone who still thinks that Ida takes itself too seriously should keep in mind that the band routinely drags out Prince covers during its live performances. While Ida’s versions veer into cringe-worthy territory a little more often than they really should, the unapologetically unfunky band’s chutzpah deserves to be acknowledged. Even though its finest moments will probably always remain in the studio, Ida is a sight to behold live, particularly when bassist Karla Schickele and guitarists Dan Littleton and Elizabeth Mitchell converge on crystalline three-part harmonies. So rest easy, kids: Ida’s back. With Warren Defever and Jenny Toomey at 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 23, at Iota, 2832 Wilson Blvd., Arlington. $7. (703) 522-8340. (John Davis)