Educational Prerogative In the wake of a monthlong slugfest over parking on Garrison Elementary School’s field, now comes news that Garrison’s little sluggers aren’t the only ones avoiding Acuras and Range Rovers on the basepaths. For years, parents and neighbors say, commuters have parked on part of Walker-Jones Elementary School’s paved playground at 1st and K Streets NW. Former Walker-Jones PTA officer Deering “Tip” Kendrick adds that cars on the lot have nearly doubled since D.C. government agencies—including D.C. Public Schools (DCPS) administrative offices—moved into two nearby buildings on North Capitol Street last year. Officially, says DCPS spokesperson Devonya Smith, playground parking is reserved for school staff, “corporate partners” who volunteer at the school, and “good community neighbors”—not government employees. Last Tuesday morning, however, at least two of the people parking on the playground headed away from the school and walked the three blocks to the school system offices. One woman, a DCPS intern, says that school officials gave her the nod to park there. “Maybe it was a special arrangement,” says Smith, who adds that most DCPS employees park in neighborhood lots or in the garages beneath their office buildings. “We’re not aware of this as a problem,” says Smith.