I wanted to write in to say thank you for printing “Theresa”‘s article (“My So-Called Stalker,” 10/8). While being stalked sounds unbelievably terrifying, I was even more alarmed at the dearth of legal avenues/resources available to her. You can imagine my surprise as I picked up the Washington Post and learned that her stalker turned himself in on Friday. I realize, as Editor David Carr stated in the Post, that publishing the article could have had serious repercussions for Theresa. But I’m glad that you (and she!) took the risk to expose a system that appears deeply flawed and in dire need of revamping….

It was heartening to see, once again, the media spur positive action (and, let us hope, change!) from the Powers That Be. As a woman and a D.C. resident, I’m sure I speak for many others when I applaud the Washington City Paper’s efforts.

Thank you.

Glover Park