Congratulations. Writer Laura Lang summed up the very complex history and situation at Hearst masterfully (“Dropping Out?” 10/22). She and I spoke briefly during her research, and I knew from my friends still at Hearst that she spent many hours around the school and on the phone with Hearst folks. Her hard work has paid off generously in the depth and insights she poured into her article.

In just one example, as an avid student of the local press on D.C. schools, I didn’t think I had anything more to learn on the subject of charters, but the article provided information I’d never come across before. The comparison with Paul Jr. High was enlightening in particular, as were the details on Hearst’s proposed charter budget.

Lang writes with great style—breezily but without glossing over the details. I loved the glass-smashing image to describe the charter school option, and Lang did a great job of conveying Hearst parents’ fierce devotion to the school.

Again, congratulations, and thanks for broadcasting what may be the clearest picture of Hearst to emerge in recent years.

Chevy Chase