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Following “Theresa”‘s saga (“My So-Called Stalker,” 11/8), from the initial Washington City Paper story through the subsequent surrender and arraignment of the so-called stalker, I’m reminded of the recent sad story of Joyce Chiang (“The Murder Victim Next Door,” 7/30). At first glance, Joyce’s and Theresa’s stories end quite differently, but in fact their stories have a strange kind of symmetry.

Each is (was) a young, single woman making her way in a city where making it is no easy task. Each is (was) dearly loved by friends and family. Each is (was) known for her kindness, sense of humor, and vivacity. And, sadly but not surprisingly, each is associated with the utter cluelessness of the District’s Metropolitan Police Department in handling her case. Reading Theresa’s story, I’m struck by its Everywoman tone and sensibility. Contemplating how Theresa could have written such a compelling piece in the midst of the havoc and desperation her life became moved me practically to tears. Both she and Joyce had something stolen from them. Joyce Chiang’s life was taken from her, and that will never change—even if the culprit is caught. Theresa’s stalker took part of her soul. And though the guy’s behind bars now, no amount of justice will return that missing piece of her heart. I wish her well.

Alexandria, Va.