I have never been stalked in my life, and pray that I never am, but there should be newer, more improved laws concerning stalkers (“My So-Called Stalker,” 10/8). We have opened our borders and our country to all kinds of sickness. Sick people who do not know how to take no for an answer. People who have been allowed to do whatever they want to others, whenever they wanted. We need police who are willing to take the extra step in protecting everyone from the fears that others try to induce. I may not be the most articulate person in the world, but I do believe in any- and everyone living safely, and not in fear of what others may inflict. No matter how small or large the threat, in this day and age we need to take them all 100 percent seriously. Our world has been reduced to nothing more than selfish acts in support of our own selfish needs. People’s lives are no longer of value; only people’s personal needs seem to have any importance.

Keep your heads up, sisters, and run in packs. It’s always safer….

Hyattsville, Md