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Vee haff vays uff mekking you tukk! The Nazi’s voice menaces, but his face remains unseen behind the glare of the bright light blazing in his prisoner’s eyes. Of course, the downed American pilot will not crack, offering nothing but his name, rank, and serial number. It’s a World War II-movie cliche. The U.S. Army Air Force meant to ensure that life imitated art, so it made a training film, Resisting Enemy Interrogation. The 1944 Academy Award-nominated documentary-style feature depicts variations of the same Nazi-with-a-blinding-light situation, exposing the mistakes made by a captured American flight crew. Each airman betrays his country, tripped up by his own stupidity or attempts to be too clever. The film’s lessons may come in handy the next time you get caught sneaking home late and your partner demands, “And just where have you been?” At noon at the National Archives Theater, 7th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Free. (202) 501-5000. (Mark W. Sullivan)