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Sometimes when experimental jazz guitarist Joe Morris lets his instrument talk, it’s easiest just to listen and nod. The languid lingua franca of jazz guitar often evokes quiet nightclubs where the ladies look fine and the drinks are on time, but Morris makes his guitar chatter like a street preacher and speak in tongues usually uttered only by saxophonists like Ornette Coleman and John Coltrane. Morris’ excellent new album, Underthru, is by no means a straight-ahead conversation between him and the rest of his quartet (violinist Mat Maneri, bassist Chris Lightcap, and drummer Gerald Cleaver), but its language isn’t just musical glossolalia. There is more space than usual between Morris’ notes, as well as in his bandmates’ sensitive accompaniment. Underthru is Morris’ definitive statement; you can hear him say it again at 8 p.m. at Mr. Henry’s, 1836 Columbia Road NW. $10. (202) 797-8882. (Christopher Porter)