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Serial Scammers Last spring, suckered Capitol Hill neighbors banded with D.C. police and the U.S. Attorney’s office to lock up a scam artist named “Stephanie,” who had been knocking on doors late at night claiming she’d been locked out of her house (“Deconstructing Stephanie,” 4/30). Stephanie would ask for a neighborly “loan,” which scores of residents handed over and never got back. Locals thought they had the problem solved when police jailed Stephanie on March 20. Later that day, however, another self-described lockout was reported knocking on neighborhood doors, calling herself Christine. She, too, was arrested. Now residents say a third faux-neighbor in distress has appeared. “I was just pulling up to my curb from a Maryland Native Plant Society meeting when a young black male started mouthing words at me from the sidewalk in front of my house,” one woman writes in a Hill e-mail newsletter, describing “Tommie.” “He then came up to my car window, calling me by name, and reminded me that we had had a discussion before—that we were neighbors.” Tommie said that he was locked out and needed $10. She waited up until midnight, she reports, but he somehow never made good on his promise to return. No word on whether Tommie ever managed to get into his house.