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Your story “Technological Improvements” (10/29) is about five years too late—at the least. Over the past decade, Washington City Paper has ignored local DJ and club culture, preferring to overexpose an aging and irrelevant harDCore scene. Too bad—because the independent DIY ethic of the electronic music scene makes techno more punk than punk ever was.

With the exception of Steve Raskin and a few others, who frequented local drum ‘n’ bass events back in ’96, the local punk scene avoided electronica until recently, as did the City Paper. In the past, you guys couldn’t cover anything techno without insulting it—fitting examples of “rock journalists covering electronic music,” if I may borrow loosely Mike Schulman’s quote on Page 43.

But now that electronic music has been deemed cool by the local punk scene, you’re cool with it too, huh? Oh well, no hard feelings. Welcome aboard, guys….

Arlington, Va.