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One of the more profound truths in life is that we all must go through a dark-metal phase. Trust me: If you haven’t yet, you will later. Another profound truth is that if you’ve already gone through said dark-metal phase, you will spend a lifetime living down high school. Danzig was one of those dark-metal bands that found a regular spot on my early-teens mix tapes. Ex-Misfits and Samhain front man Glenn Danzig works all the sinister overtones that make Tipper nervous, and the music provides those “I-must-be-rotten” moments that are just right for a fang-toothed suburban kid. It’s been a few years (and a couple of different lineups) since Danzig first howled through my hi-fi, and things have changed for Glenn Danzig and his troupe. Even the music has taken a more affected turn. But never fear, kids: Danzig is still just as evil as a good game of Dungeons & Dragons. With Samhain and Hatebreed at 6 p.m. at Nation, 1015 Half St. SE. $23.50. (202) 554-1500. (Mike Kanin)