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Sky’s the Limit USAirways Chair Stephen M. Wolf positively adores D.C. Mayor Anthony A. Williams. In last month’s USAirways magazine Attache, he wrote a gushing editorial about Williams, titled “One Tough Job.” His airline has begun customer-service lessons for the District’s Department of Motor Vehicles staffers. And on Monday, Wolf was there to give D.C.’s Space Age mayor yet another present: a jet engine. “We are a Washington-based airline, and we serve more people with more flights in the greater Washington-Baltimore area than anyone else,” said Wolf, presenting Williams the gift for the University of the District of Columbia’s Aerospace Technology Program. To students training to be airline mechanics, the retired DC-9 engine is the niftiest toy they’ve seen in ages. (Even though the gift is 23 years old, it’s better than their former lab engines, which date from the Korean War.) “Tear it down, and build it back up,” Wolf told one of the students. Now there’s only one thing left for Wolf to do to prove his commitment to the city: Move here. Wolf currently resides in Virginia.