Freeze-Framed As an example of online NIMBY kvetching, the posting in the Nov. 5 Mount Pleasant Forum e-mail newsletter was just too perfect. First, it praised a community cleanup (“It’s real encouraging”). Next, it raised another local problem (“Is anyone else out there annoyed by bicycle riders on the sidewalk?”). Finally, it referenced a distant locale to propose a Draconian solution (“I moved to D.C. last year from Olympia, Washington, where we handled the situation in a pretty interesting way….We told them that if we saw them do it again, we’d beat them up. There weren’t many times when we actually beat anyone up because we put the fear of God into those people”). Those with a sense of humor might also have noted the author’s dubious name—J. Geils—in deciding the posting was a joke. Alas, in a special next issue dedicated to the posting, readers condemned Geils’ “lawlessness,” urging him to support Orange Hat patrols instead. Online prankster or nascent vigilante? E-mails to Geils’ posted address went unreturned.