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While your reporter did a good job on capturing the atmospherics at 16th and D Streets SE (“Fight Club,” 11/12), he never gave your readership the real reason for our occupying specific street corners: namely, to replace drug dealers and their clients with neighbors doing positive things. In fact, it was because of our actions that Jason Cherkis saw no drug dealing going on. (Also thanks to a plenitude of circulating police cars and a Channel 5 live broadcast tower.) We wonder why Cherkis was skeptical of our having a crime problem, especially since he had been handed a police reward notice listing 18 unsolved homicides in the immediate area signed by Chief Ramsey himself, including two teenage boys killed last February.

Not only did we neighbors have to drive away drug dealers and contend with a man raging on a soapbox, but we were subjected to your own agent of exaggeration, Jason Cherkis, who insisted on repeating every insult the hothead made to his intended victim, who had refused to be interviewed.

Among the cornered at 16th & D,