I am writing to express my view that Loose Lips’ Nov. 19 item captioned “Staffer Phil” did not accurately or fairly measure Phil Mendelson’s performance to date as an at-large member of the D.C. Council. First, I believe that a legislator’s voting record is of utmost importance. Mendelson, unlike many other councilmembers, consistently votes on the right side of community issues. We can count on his vote. I also respect his questioning attempts by other councilmembers to push legislation under a so-called emergency and by use of waivers of the rules or other parliamentary tactics that limit community involvement.

Second, Mendelson stays in constant touch by telephone and fax with activists who are leading pro-community-issue fights, including sharing relevant documents sent to the council. As a civic activist, I can attest to his tremendous help in various land use issues in Foggy Bottom.

Third, Mendelson is a man of character. I trust him; he is a man of his word. He understands ethical issues. As a consequence, I am confidant that he would recuse himself if there were even an appearance of a conflict of interest. (Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for some other councilmembers.) I, for one, think we are lucky to have Mendelson on the council.

Foggy Bottom-West End