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As a former Chronicle of Higher Education employee myself, I can’t help wondering how such a story (“Adult Supervision,” Paper Trail, 11/12) comes to be, but I’m willing to take a guess: Disgruntled former employee sees a complimentary mention of former employer in Washingtonian, decides to kick back, picks Washington City Paper as his (or her) soapbox of choice. Good choice, considering the paper’s chronic weakness for such stories.

At least you had the decency to give Jaschik the opportunity to respond. Did you talk to any of the other writers, editors, or art department folks who have somehow managed to bear working there for a decade or longer?

Of course, the editors demand a lot, and micromanage too, but if you talk to any of the Chronicle’s equally successful competitors…Oh, wait…there aren’t any.

Bethesda, Md.