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I’m writing in response to your article “A Novel Proposal” (11/5). I had to. It killed me.

I’ve been reading the Washington City Paper off and on for a couple of years now, pretty much since I graduated, and although I’ve often been intrigued, saddened, disgusted, or energized by what I’ve read, I’ve never actually come across anything that made me laugh out loud. That is, not until the article on Martin Luther King Memorial Library. It’s a serious issue, and I agree entirely that the building should be torn down—it has all the charm of some Orwellian detention center. But although serious in content, the article had some hilarious comparisons. A mural that looks painted by Cool “Disco” Dan (or is it “Cool” Disco Dan?) was right on—I couldn’t stop laughing. Like all Metro riders’, my memory is wallpapered with his graffiti cachet. It seemed so appropriate.

Laughter is great wherever you can get it. Laughter out loud, by yourself, from reading little symbols printed on a page? Hell, that’s what separates us from the other animals.

Anyway, nice article. Thanks for the moment of levity.

Rockville, Md.