It’s 1999, and everyone’s got either a TV, access to the Internet, or, at the very least, a newspaper to read. So for PR gurus little and large, it should be a feeding frenzy, right? Wrong. For every TV, computer, or printing press on this planet, there must be at least three struggling independent record labels, two fledgling independent book presses, and some kid with a grand trust fund and grander ideas. Everybody wants attention. Being on the receiving end of myriad PR cold calls, I can tell you: No one’s getting through. And for those who think that snail mail is less aggressive—and therefore more likely to garner you a nice healthy write-up—forget it. Paper’s way too easy to toss. So until they make press releases that fasten to palms until recognized, you might want to attend the Howard University seminar on “Getting Publicity in the Print and Electronic Media.” Or you could just keep hoping that your messages will make it out of the voice-mail black hole. At 6 p.m. at Howard University’s Fine Arts Building, in Room 3001, 2455 6th St. NW. Free. (202) 806-7040. (Mike Kanin)