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Self-proclaimed “ex-gay” Anthony Falzarano (“Exit Strategy,” 11/26) is evidently well-meaning, but I can assure you that it is not possible for gay people to magically become straight. I tried to make myself straight for 39 years. Can any of you imagine working on anything for 39 years? Well, I did. And guess what? I finally had to face the music and accept being gay. After 39 years, I was not one inch closer to being straight.

A truly wondrous thing happened to me when I finally accepted being gay, though: I finally realized that gay people are just like straight people in every way that means anything. We are just as good, just as bad, just as moral, and just as immoral. There is, truly, no danged difference. And I wasted 39 years of precious life for nothing thanks to people like Falzarano.

If you are gay, it is hard enough to survive childhood and youth surrounded by people and media constantly telling you that you are less of a human for being gay. It will be a wonderful day when the religious community abandons ludicrous, ignorance-based, and impossible programs to change people’s sexual orientations and instead concentrates its efforts on helping young people see the truly beautiful people they are, whether they are gay or straight.

Cleveland Park