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To begin with, I applaud the Washington City Paper for devoting a cover story (“Exit Strategy,” 11/26) to Anthony Falzarano’s earnest, countercultural effort at rescuing many people who are hurting, for whatever reason, from living a gay lifestyle. Having said that, the caption on the cover, “…So why aren’t his conservative religious brethren lining up to help him?” remains, at best, no more than a rhetorical question after reading the story.

In short, you do not prove the premise of the question, let alone answer it. While you state that the Christian Coalition ostensibly failed to support Falzarano’s effort at some juncture, that assertion hardly establishes your case. The Christian Coalition is nothing more, and nothing less, than a vehicle for promoting involvement of Christians in politics, hardly an organization with the same purpose as Falzarano’s. Moreover, you do state that while “infiltrating” the gathering at President Clinton’s Foundry United Methodist Church—a concededly liberal, mainline Protestant church—Falzarano had company in a representative of the Family Research Council, a conservative Christian organization that would have common cause with Falzarano and was there covering the event.

Finally, while you attempt to discredit the successes that Exodus International has had, you fail to mention at all Courage, a Roman Catholic organization headed by the Rev. John Harvey, OSFS, which aids homosexually oriented persons in living chaste lives, in accordance with church teaching and scripture, rather than attempting to reorient them. Wasn’t that at least worth mentioning?

Arlington, Va.