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Your article on Anthony Falzarano’s “ministry” (“Exit Strategy,” 11/26) to convert homosexuals to heterosexuals was intriguing. It provided some insights into the whys and wherefores of these pseudo-psychological self-help groups that think they can rewire the human brain.

In particular, I liked the part where Falzarano complains that he doesn’t understand why the gay community finds him so offensive. His message is one of exclusion and separation from God. He says you can’t belong to God if you stay the way God created you if you happen to be gay.

Granted, he does maintain the mythology of sexual orientation as a choice, even claiming that there is no scientific evidence to support the gay-at-birth theory. (All evidence suggests sexual orientation is an inborn condition, and none support choice.) Which explains his dogged determination to change that which can’t be changed.

Some facts about “ex-gay” ministries:

Of those treated (and only those desperate for change even bother to try) only about 30 percent “succeed” (according to Exodus International). To Exodus, “success” can range from full conversion to heterosexuality (very rare, if it ever actually occurs) to full repression of sexual desires. Most of the 20,000 people they claim are ex-gays are actually homosexuals who have repressed their sexuality. As these organizations generally do no follow-up once their charges graduate, there is no telling whether any of them stay repressed.

In general, it would be far better if Falzarano would help people learn to deal with their sexuality—and stop twisting the Bible to support his anti-gay self-hatred. (The referenced verse in 1 Corinthians does not reference “sodomites” in the original Greek, and most translations don’t include that word. That translation is used to put a New Testament spin on God’s alleged anti-gay position.)

Honolulu, Hawaii