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“Exit Strategy” (11/26) was a very well-written and balanced article. I was able to read it thanks to a news loop, which forwarded it. I would like to comment on the comment and question posed by Anthony Falzarano: “‘They were so threatened by our ads that they spread their own propaganda to manipulate Americans into believing that gays are born this way, but they have no evidence whatsoever of that. If we were born that way, then how do you explain 20,000 people who went the other way?’”

As one of the facilitators of a gay, lesbian, bisexual, and questioning youth group in St. Petersburg, I think it is quite easy to explain why 20,000 people supposedly were able to go “the other way.” Sexuality is not a black-or-white issue. In other words, people are not simply either gay or straight. Most people fall somewhere on a spectrum somewhere between being totally gay and totally straight. Therefore, people who have been involved in homosexual experiences but have allowed themselves to be pressured into feelings of guilt may be able to curb their homosexual desires if they fall along the spectrum close enough to the middle that they can enjoy sexual experiences with people of the opposite sex as well as the same sex.

In other words, those who are able to experience “change” without damage to their psyche are not truly changed. They are simply true bisexuals who have been able to curb their desire for partners of the same sex.

Co-facilitator, True Expressions!

St. Petersburg, Fla.