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The cover story titled “Exit Strategy” (11/26) is nothing short of appalling. What is this paper coming to? I am used to seeing quality and unbiased stories. Whatever happened to letting readers decide for themselves? Such sarcasm and foul language are not needed. If I did not know Falzarano personally, I might have been swayed to believe this story. Falzarano is one man who is trying to do what God wants him to do. He is not anti-gay, nor is he a gay-basher. He strives to serve God in the place where God has put him.

While the people at the Washington City Paper may not agree with the stance of his ministry, it is neither ethical nor professional on the part of the paper to malign him in this manner. I will pray that things change for this paper and that good, honest reporting comes back to it soon.

Before it is assumed that I am a homophobic fanatic, let me say that I am neither homophobic nor a fanatic. I am struggling with homosexual tendencies. Although I may not agree with every aspect of the ex-gay movement, I should be given the chance to decide for myself whether there is anything to it.

District Heights, Md.