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For 30 years, every right-thinker has been screaming pro-homosexual propaganda in my ear, and it has all gone out the other ear. So, would someone kindly explain why men “defecating on each other and fist-fucking up to their elbows” (“Exit Strategy,” 11/26) is perfectly healthy and natural? And what would you fun-loving gays do if you were interrogated by the police? Would you demand that they use a baseball bat instead of a puny toilet plunger handle?

Also, explain why homosexuality is as unalterable a part of one’s being as race and gender, and why the “gay gene” is not weeded out of the gene pool in a single generation. If environment has nothing to do with homosexuality, explain why the rate and type of homosexuality vary tremendously depending on the culture, and why prisons have such a high rate of homosexuality. And why is there only a 50 percent chance that the identical twin brother of a male homosexual will be homosexual? Do such unnatural creatures as homosexuals even exist, or are there only heterosexuals with a severe behavioral disorder?

Alexandria, Va.