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As a doctor, I was pleased at the attention you drew to greyhound adoption (Cheap Seats, “Fast Friends,” 10/29). However, your readers need to know more about what happens to greyhounds bred by the dog-racing industry who aren’t “culled” as puppies and who survive often-horrible racetrack-life conditions.

Yes, some greyhounds finally luck into good adoptive homes. But some get killed and “dumped” in places like the Arizona desert. And a great many are further victimized, then killed, in senseless medical, dental, and veterinary experiments at Colorado State University, Mississippi State University, Kansas State University, the University of Kansas, the University of Florida, and elsewhere. The friendly and trusting dogs’ arteries are deliberately blocked. Or their bones are deliberately broken. Or the already well-documented respiratory effects of drugs are tested on their airways. Or, in a quest to maximize racing-industry profits, their diets are manipulated.

Medical and veterinary students learn best by observing needed surgeries on people and dogs, respectively, not fatal procedures on healthy animals.

Those who adopt rescued greyhounds deserve credit for saving them from a terrible fate. But no dogs—or other animals—deserve such a fate, and the more of us who speak out in opposition, the faster we can abolish such abominations.


Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine