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I am writing in response to the foolish letter from local “Club Pretentious” DJ John Tab (The Mail, 11/5). As someone who has been fortunate enough to spend 17 years in the local punk/hardcore scene (not harDCore—I hate when you boneheads try to be hip with a descriptive word!), I agree with you that the scene is an aging one. True, it’s not as vital as it once was in the ’80s, but it remains far more relevant than the techno scene will ever be.

In fact, the local techno scene is just plain raving electronic nonsense. Even a mediocre punk band is far more listenable to me than some goofballs programming their gadgets onstage so kids with pacifiers can pretend to groove. From the early ’80s until now, the local punk movement has influenced, inspired, and brought about a healthy change to a tired and complacent D.C. music scene. It’s earned a deserved and lasting place in the ongoing mass media canon of musical history. How long do you think the media will pay attention to your oh-so-inspirational ephemeral droning?

In 1991, a bandmate of mine claimed, “Hey, techno is the wave of the future.” My response was, and remains: “If that’s true, I’d rather drown.” Oh, yeah, and once and for all, sir, you can stop toying with my stage name! It’s John Stabb, not Tab. I don’t do techno, baby.

Columbia Heights