Imagine a band that can sound like the Pogues, Steeleye Span, or Los Lobos—or, sometimes, like all of them at once. Believe it or not, the Mollys, from Tucson, Ariz., pull it off, mixing up a multiculti stew of Anglo-Celtic traditions, Tex-Mex roots, and a healthy dose of good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll. Bassist Dan Sorenson and drummer Gary Mackender do a great job of keeping the lively dance rhythms going while accordionist Kevin Schramm riffs his heart out, but the band’s focal point is vocalist Catherine Zavala, a diminutive, mean-mandolin-pickin’ fireball who commands attention by shouting her lyrics out in a rough ‘n’ ready rasp and jumping around the stage like a Hispanic banshee. And Nancy McCallion, who shares the lead vocal spot with Zavala, adds a bluesy inflection to the band’s spirited balladry. The stew starts cookin’ at 9:30 p.m. at Paddy Mac’s, 8241 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring. $8. (301) 608-3360. (Ken Roseman)